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Five Security Predictions for 2012

Five Security Predictions for 2012

Security market, policies, and threats in the year just begun. Read more »

2011 Security Predictions Review

A review of my seven security prediction for the year that is almost over Read more »

Season's Greetings

Read more »

Burned by Unknown Unknowns

Or how the exposure to different types of uncertainty can have long-lasting effects on individuals’… Read more »

An Experimental Convergence Notary Service

Using network perspective for validating your communications security Read more »


Cryptocounters for Our PETs Read more »

Apple AirTunes RSA Private Key Cracked

Another page in the DRM saga. James Laird extracts the AirTunes RSA private key, opening an avenue… Read more »

Untwisted: A Cryptol Implementation of Keccak - Part 1

The Matryoshka and the Hermetic Sponge Strategy Read more »

Aedificatoria: Layered Weak Links

The Ability to Refresh Attack Cost is Key to Mission Success, but Seldom Available Read more »

Earnest: Given Enough Eyeballs...

All bugs are shallow. Read more »

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