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Archives for 2010

Security Zeitgeist 2010

Security topics that reached the mainstream audience over the last year. Read more »


A comic strip about the behaviors of software and human beings. Read more »

Software Security's Futures Plural

An update on BeeWise. Read more »

Untwisted: Bit-sliced TEA time

Or an introduction to bitslicing a block cipher, for those who will not confuse the algorithm with… Read more »

BeeWise - Security Event Futures

A first testbed for a security event-futures exchange. Read more »

Backward Insecurity: Network Externalities Strike Back

Or why we will observe downgrade attacks, again. Read more »

Ali Baba, Waldo and the Dining Cryptographers

Teach your children the story of Ali Baba: how he managed to convince the NSA that he knew where… Read more »

Stuxnet: a Glimpse into the Future of Malware and its Interplay with Cyber Warfare

When national security and economic security becomes inseparable. Read more »

Call for Participation, Mini-Metricon 5.5

If you are interested in security metrics, as I really do, please consider to submit a discussion… Read more »

A blog plain with security stakeholders

Or on the reasons for a blog at the intersection of software security, economics and market. Read more »

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